The method of making “Al-Fakhda Al-Dhani” in the thermal bag

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The lamb thigh is one of the dishes that is frequently eaten during the holidays in more than one way. It can be eaten with okra casserole and other different dishes and casseroles, so we review the method of making the lamb thigh in the thermal bag according to the method of Chef May Siam

Modus operandi of the lamb thigh

How to make the lamb thigh: Ingredients:

Lamb thigh

2 tablets onion

1bell pepper

2grated tomato


black pepper



10 Garlic cloves

A quarter cup of vinegar

Large thermal bag

The way the lamb thigh works
The way the lamb thigh works

How to prepare the lamb thigh:

First, clean the leg of lamb and leave until it is well drained

In the kibbeh, finely chop the onion and turkey pepper, and put the spices and vinegar

With a knife, we make slots in the thigh in every direction and plant in the slots whole garlic, two cardamom and optional cloves

After completing the implantation of the thigh Season with the marinade and leave at least 4 hours or overnight

Then it is placed in a thermal bag and put in a hot oven for an hour. It is served with the rest of the dining dishes in the bowls, with your favorite rice and vegetables.

Lamb thigh
Lamb thigh


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