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The prime minister’s talk about Jordan’s lack of natural resources is extremely dangerous

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publish date 2023-06-24 11:27:58

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The Secretary-General of the National Constitutional Party, Dr. Ahmed Al-Shennaq, denounced the statements issued by the Prime Minister, in which he spoke about Jordan’s lack of natural wealth and resources, stressing that such words are repelled by those who spoke of them.

Al-Shanaq considered in his statements to “compassAl-Khasawneh’s talk about “the illusion of Jordan’s possession of natural resources” is extremely dangerous and contradictory to the truth, and it is unacceptable for it to come “in front of a platform that is considered one of the oldest Jordanian universities and the mother of universities and in front of distinguished professors.”

He presented a number of facts related to energy and natural resources in Jordan, asking: What does the Prime Minister say about oil shale, as Jordan is classified as the owner of the fourth largest deposit of oil shale.

He pointed out that according to the estimates of the World Energy Council, Jordan’s reserves of oil shale reserves amount to nearly 40 billion tons, which places it as the second richest country in shale oil reserves after Canada, and what about gold mines in very good quantities, and copper mines on the surface of the earth estimated at billions of dinars extracted and mined.

Al-Shunaq also asked: What about manganese and glass sand, estimated at 12 billion tons and with a purity of 99%, marble and uranium in phosphate ore in commercial quantities, iron, potash, phosphates, table salt, solar energy, oil and gas, and studies confirming the existence of seas of water in the interior of the homeland, sufficient for hundreds of years, and bromine, which enters With so many industries, what about the millions of acres of untapped land that can be reclaimed?

And he sent a message to the prime minister, saying: “Is your talk of political marketing, so that the country remains hostage to borrowing and indebtedness, and relying on grants and aid, and on the pocket of the citizen?” Your Excellency, how large are the experts, scholars and specialists in your government to accept the sale of this illusion that Jordan does not possess natural wealth and resources?

And Al-Shunaq continued his speech by saying, Your Excellency the President, we wonder, by virtue of your responsibility in managing the affairs of the country, what are the major projects that were accomplished during the era of your government? And legitimate questions on the occasion of the delusional talk about wealth, has your state visited to inspect the situation of a hospital in the country and the needs of the regions in terms of specialties, or emergency departments and the extent of the suffering of the doctor and the patient? Have you seen the plan of one of the ministries and the workflow in it? Have you checked the conditions of schools in a desert or a remote area? Did you visit the Jordan Valley, for example, and get acquainted with the reality of farmers, or adopt a plan for agricultural technology and agricultural industrialization for food security? Have you visited a university to see closely its reality? Does your government have a demographic geographic map of the country, to provide quality and fair services with a unified standard and modern mechanisms for all regions and for every citizen?

He added, “The questions are many, and to be brief, we ask, is it possible to take off the ties and go to the field, to see with your own eyes and hear with your permission the extent of unemployment, poverty, hunger, and the low level of services provided to citizens?”

Al-Shennaq concluded his statements by saying: Taking responsibility for the country and the people is a trust and responsibility before God, before the leadership, and before the people,” stressing at the same time that “Jordan is rich in its resources and the competence of its people, and the country is in dire need of a government that possesses the economic decision towards a productive and independent national economy and to face all circumstances.” Arab, regional and international, which have become stubborn as a whole and not obeyed, and so that we do not lose our economic immunity as a result of our loss of political immunity and the independent national political decision.”


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