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How many Jordanians are in Russia?

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publish date 2023-06-24 18:19:42

The Compass – Jordanians are following with concern the repercussions of the field situation in the Russian Federation, where hundreds of Jordanians live amid escalating tensions in this country, which has been engaged in a fierce war with Ukraine since the beginning of 2022.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates announced its follow-up to the conditions of Jordanians in the largest country in the world by area through the Operations Center Unit in the ministry, in coordination with the Jordanian Embassy in Moscow.

In the absence of accurate data on the number of Jordanians residing in the Russian Federation, the head of the Jordanian-Russian Friendship Society estimates their number in the hundreds. Youssef Hamdan says that dozens of 20,000 students who studied at universities and institutes of the former Soviet Union settled in the Russian Federation, the successor to the Soviet Union that collapsed 34 years ago.

There are dozens of children of 5,000 Russian women married to Jordanians who move to study and reside between Amman and Moscow, in addition to 120 students who benefit annually from grants offered by the Russian government 10 years ago. The Jordanian-Russian Friendship Association is the successor of the Jordanian-Soviet Committee, which included 9,000 members after its formation in 1969.

The Foreign Ministry called on Jordanians residing in Russia to take the initiative to request assistance around the clock from the Jordanian Embassy in Moscow on the special hotline number: 0079268469950 or through the Operations Center Unit in the Ministry at the number: 00962795497777 and e-mail ([email protected])

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