A terrifying snapshot of the moment a woman fell from the top of a cliff in Italy and hit rocks. Video

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The cameras documented a terrifying moment for a woman who collided with the rocks after jumping from a cliff into the sea in Italy wrongly, as another tourist recorded the difficult scene of the woman falling from the top of the cliffs.Fiordo di Furore In Italy, the woman is shown falling off the rock and falling into the water below, even though her partner was desperately trying to catch her, according to the Daily Mail.

The woman appeared to hit her legs on the rough rocks before falling headfirst into the sea, and Australian tourist Cal Glanzig, who recorded the footage, highlighted just moments before her fall the importance of travel insurance as she appeared to be preparing to jump into the water..

The moment Mrs. falls

It took nearly an hour to get the woman to the waiting ambulance, Glanzig said, and her video stunned viewers, with many commenting that they could not understand why she wanted to jump into the water in the first place since it was so shallow..

World tourism officials have long warned of the dangers of jumping off cliffs into the sea for a thrill, and last year a British tourist was left in intensive care after falling on rocks while jumping into the sea near the party resort of Ibiza in San Antonio..

The woman, who is believed to be 33, is said to have suffered a cervical spine fracture that can cause paralysis from the chest down..


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