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The cable car is a national project that contributes to a development renaissance

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publish date 2023-06-23 22:00:16

The Ajloun cable car project constitutes a development window for many tourism, economic and social fields due to the unique diversity in its specifications and services provided to its users.
The Governor of Ajloun, Dr. Qablan Al-Sharif, confirmed that the governorate is distinguished by its nature and its forests, which constitute 34%, indicating that the cable car is a royal initiative and a title for partnership between the public and private sectors and enhances opportunities for sustainable development and investment, calling for the demand for the implementation of projects near it, which reflects positively on the governorate.
Al-Sharif said that the governorate annually attracts nearly two million visitors to tourist and archaeological sites, as 3 million dinars have been allocated from the budget of the provincial council to improve and develop these sites and the infrastructure of the streets leading to them.
In turn, Director of Ajloun Tourism, Muhammad Al-Deek, said that the cable car is a national project that works to bring about a quantum leap in the tourism and economic fields, stressing the importance of marketing and promoting the cable car through visiting it and experiencing this unique tourism experience at the level of the Kingdom.
He pointed out that large numbers of people visited the project since the first week of its official opening, and it will have an economic impact at the governorate and national levels.
For his part, the Assistant Mayor of Ajloun, Muhammad Ali Al-Qudah, indicated that the project comes in line with the royal directives and has become a reality in the Ajloun Mountains, indicating that the project is very reliable because it is compatible with the tourism and natural features of the governorate.
A number of citizens and visitors expressed their happiness at having the experience of riding the cable cars of the cable car project, which is the first of its kind in the Kingdom, and the quality of the services provided and the high safety rate enjoyed by the cable cars.

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