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Pilgrims stuck at Queen Alia Airport and the Royal Jordanian Explanation

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publish date 2023-06-23 14:08:46

The CEO and General Manager of Royal Jordanian, Samer Majali, said on Friday that the last day for pilgrims to travel via foreign (non-Saudi) airlines is June 22, according to Saudi instructions.

Regarding complaints received from pilgrims stranded at Queen Alia Airport to prevent them from traveling through RJ, Majali added that the travel agent likes to tell the pilgrims when purchasing the ticket with the instructions.

Al-Majali indicated that tickets are returned to those who were unable to travel due to the ban, according to Saudi instructions.

Al-Majali wished to load the pilgrims to perform the rituals of Hajj, whether through ownership or otherwise.

“We hope that the Ministry of Awqaf, in cooperation with the Saudi embassy, ​​will find a solution, but these are the instructions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which were distributed months ago.” According to Majali

Regarding communication to find a solution for the stranded pilgrims, Majali said that the Saudi instructions have been circulated in advance, and in the end they must be adhered to.

He pointed out that there are restrictions on the entry of pilgrims, and a specific time for the entry of pilgrims to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and there are specific dates that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia allows the entry of pilgrims on board Royal Jordanian planes.

Majali reaffirmed that the last day for pilgrims to travel on Royal Jordanian Airlines and any foreign airline to Saudi Arabia is 6/22/2023.

And he indicated that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia allows two additional days for Saudi national companies to transport pilgrims to the Kingdom.

He continued: “When a person submits a reservation to the Royal Jordanian, we do not have knowledge of the type of visa he has, as he can purchase it from a travel and tourism agent. The original is that the agent informs him of the specified date, and if he bought it from the Royal Jordanian offices, they would certainly have told him the date, and I believe that they have bought the visas.” From tourism and travel agents, or through the website or through the customer service number, and in all cases they are informed of this (…) The Hajj visa has the last day of Hajj because the visa is the key to travel to Saudi Arabia, and it must have the last date for the date of travel.”

He added, “We distribute instructions to all points of sale, but people may not read and the problem occurs, and this is a loss for them and a loss for us by not joining the special Hajj program.”

Regarding the number of pilgrims stranded at the airport, Majali said: “Those who have this problem are 30-40 people present at the airport today, and royal flights operate to Saudi Arabia, but it is forbidden to carry anyone who has a Hajj visa.”

“We do not have any problem with the process of returning the tickets, and this is a mistake that occurred, and there is no problem with returning them to the people who bought them and were unable to travel as a result of being prevented from traveling according to the existing instructions. And we have no problem in this aspect,” according to Majali

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