Jennifer Lopez’s daily makeup routine.. to achieve youthful and attractive skin

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Hollywood stars are keen all the time to take care of their skin and their grace so that they look in the best way, especially the star Jennifer Lopez, who appears all the time with vibrant skin of beauty and vitality, which makes some ask about the reasons for her preservation of her beauty, and for this we review in the report, how Jennifer Lopez appears with attractive youthful skin According to the website of “Vogue” magazine.

How does Jennifer Lopez put her makeup?

Jennifer Lopez is distinguished by her bronze skin that combines freshness and beauty, and to get this look, the star starts by moisturizing her skin first by applying a light serum, consisting of a few small dots on the tip of her fingers, then combining them together and doing a quick massage on her skin to obtain a beautiful and attractive complexion in front of the camera lenses Various, whether film or television.

Jennifer Lopez skin

Other steps followed by Jennifer Lopez

After that, she puts a foundation cream for her brand as well, by adding points of cream on the forehead, cheeks, and the rest of the face, and she did not stop there, but also put the highlighter to highlight the bones of her face, and applied it on the upper eyelid, on the triangle of the upper lips, and between the eyebrows, and at the end she puts the bronzer to add more. Her makeup was so deep that her face didn’t look dull.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

the last step

In the last step, the Hollywood star gets fresh and radiant skin that radiates beauty and vitality, after all of the previous steps she followed, which all women from all over the world can follow, to get the same result, whether when she goes to work or when hiking with her friends to make her more confident. By herself, she gets a distinctive, attractive and eye-catching look all the time.

Jennifer Lopez makeup
Jennifer Lopez makeup


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