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Seizing a violation well and attacks on Ain Al-Kursi spring in Wadi Al-Seer

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publish date 2023-06-22 14:27:40

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation/Water Authority, in cooperation with the Public Security Directorate, the Gendarmerie Forces and the Royal Department for Environmental Protection and Tourism, seized an illegal well inside a house in Wadi Al-Seer used for selling water.

The ministry also seized, according to a statement today, Thursday, 5 large pumps installed on the Wadi Al-Seer spring, the main water source to supply the region, for filling tanks and selling them in a violation manner by installing lines of 3 inches in diameter for each of them, where the assault was removed, the pumps were seized and confiscated, and the seizures related to the incident were prepared, so that Transfer it to the Public Prosecution to complete the investigation and apprehend the violators.

The Ministry affirmed that the national campaign it is implementing is continuing to protect and provide water by preventing all attacks, digging violating wells, and separating the aggressor lines on its main and subsidiary networks.

And she called on citizens to report any sale of water in unlicensed tankers, as it does not conform to the standard and poses a threat to public safety and the health of citizens.


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