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Private hospitals reject the results of the meeting of the General Assembly of their association

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publish date 2023-06-22 17:19:21

About 12 private hospitals confirmed their rejection of the results of the last meeting of the General Assembly of the Private Hospitals Association.

The Director of Al-Hayat Hospital, Dr. Kayed Al-Halayqa, said that there are consultations between the major hospitals to challenge the elections of the Private Hospitals Association, due to the existence of legal loopholes that marred the holding of the elections, including the absence of a number of private hospitals from those elections.

Al-Halayqa said that the meeting of the General Assembly of the Private Hospitals Association did not achieve a legal quorum, just as the timings set by the law and the internal system were not adhered to, including the candidacy and withdrawal dates from the elections, and the hospitals were not notified of the election date until (4-5) days before it was held. Although the law specified a period of (20) days for this.

Al-Halayqa added that the administrative body of the association, which has been in charge for 18 years, has returned to itself, despite its inability to achieve any achievement that could make a difference in the service of private hospitals.

Al-Halayqa indicated that the absence of major private hospitals from the meeting came as a kind of protest against the performance of the administrative body, and its desire for change, in addition to not informing it of the appointments according to the provisions of the laws and regulations.

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