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The government approves the reasons for the draft “amendment to the real estate property law”

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publish date 2023-06-21 17:19:56

In its session held today, Wednesday, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Bashr Al-Khasawneh, the Council of Ministers approved the reasons for a draft law amending the Real Estate Ownership Law of 2023; in preparation for sending it to the Legislation and Opinion Bureau to proceed with the procedures for its issuance in accordance with the rules, while giving it the status of urgency.
The draft law comes for the purposes of restoring jurisdiction in the consideration of lawsuits to remove communal use by the judiciary, in light of the obstacles created by the practical application of the provisions of the real estate property law when this jurisdiction was given to administrative committees in the land registry directorates.
Under the draft law, the Council of Ministers, upon the recommendation of a committee composed of a number of ministers, will be given the authority to approve the allocation of plots of land from state property to public investment funds or government-owned companies. To enable it to carry out its tasks or to provide some of it as in-kind shares in investment projects.
The draft law includes articles that encourage investment, such as easing restrictions on owning real estate, and taking into account the rights of some parties to division before the judiciary, such as the right to participate in the auction.
The Council of Ministers also approved an amended system for the judicial service system for Sharia judges for the year 2023, and the end-of-service gratuity system for employees of the Supreme Judge Department and Sharia courts working in Al-Quds Al-Sharif for the year 2023.
The approval of the two regulations comes for the purposes of addressing the issue of the financial rights of Sharia judges and employees working in the Department of the Supreme Judge and Sharia Courts in Al-Quds Al-Sharif at the end of their services. This is due to the privacy and status of their work, and to avoid any legal legal disputes.
The Council approved an amended system for the Social Solidarity Fund for Sharia judges and Sharia judiciary agents for the year 2023, in order to unify the disbursement mechanism for Sharia judiciary agents. In accordance with the foundations taken for the regular judiciary agents, and to address the basis for the disbursement of the Fund’s first-time judges and Sharia judiciary aides who are appointed during the Fund’s fiscal year.
On the other hand, the Council of Ministers decided to appoint Dr. Radhi Musa Al-Hammadin as head of the Audit Bureau.

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