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Jordan condemns the attacks of the Israeli occupation and its approval of building 1,000 settlement units

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publish date 2023-06-21 18:20:40

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned in the strongest terms the attacks of Israeli settlers on a number of villages in the occupied Palestinian territories, calling for their immediate cessation. The Ministry also condemned the Israeli government’s announcement of approving the construction of 1,000 new settlement units in the occupied West Bank.

The official spokesman for the Ministry, Ambassador Sinan Al-Majali, affirmed that the continuous violations and attacks in the occupied Palestinian territories herald further escalation and represent a dangerous trend that the international community must work to stop immediately, as violence breeds violence, stressing the need to prevent the eruption of cycles of violence that threaten security and peace. , for which everyone will pay for it.

The official spokesman for the Ministry stressed the need to stop the dangerous escalation in the occupied Palestinian territories, stressing that the unilateral measures of building and expanding settlements, seizing lands, displacing Palestinians and attacking them are illegal, illegal, rejected and condemned practices, and represent a serious violation of international humanitarian law. foundations for peace and the prospects for a two-state solution.


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