5 things to do before the sea goes down to protect our skin and hair

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There are many things that we used to do before vacation and go to the beach, including preparing sandwiches, carrying chairs, umbrellas and sea games, running on the beach and jumping in its blue waters, without caring about anything, but with changing habits, and going to the resorts, at times when there are degrees The temperature is very high, which causes skin burns and infections. There are some steps to take care of the skin and the body from the interaction of temperatures, according to what was published by the “”allure“.

Summer vacation

Prepare first

Before going to the beach, you should go to a dermatologist to consult him about the creams, moisturizers, and sunscreen that you and your family should use when you go out in the scorching sun during the day, and how to take care of your skin for the rest of the day.

Save sunscreen

You must ensure that sunscreen is available for you and your family to avoid burns, skin pigmentation, and infections as a result of the sun and salt water on the skin, because sunscreen is applied before leaving the house, and it is renewed at least every two hours depending on the temperature of the sun, and it must be used whether when going down to the sea, or Go down to the pool.

the sea
the sea

Take care before going down

Before going out to the sun, it is necessary to take a shower first, then apply sunscreen at least for a sufficient period of not less than half an hour, so that the skin is saturated with it, protecting it from the rays, and making the skin ready to receive the sun and its heat.

Choose the right clothes

It is preferable to choose clothes in light colors to avoid absorbing the sun’s heat and delivering it directly to your body, and it is preferable to wear a “burkini” to protect the whole body, as skin protection is not limited to the face only, with the need to choose a wide hat to protect the head and its entire circumference from the front and back, and the hat is considered an auxiliary protection It increases the effectiveness of sunscreen.


Don’t forget your scalp

You must not forget your hair, as it has a share of care because it is the first receiver of the sun and its interaction with salt water, so the hair must be protected by two basic steps, which is the use of a suitable oil or serum that works to protect the hair from salt water, and wearing a kiss because here it also has two benefits like sunscreen With the need to wear a bonnet suitable for the size of the head.


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