4 tips to extend the life of marble in your home.. Continuous cleaning in the right way is important

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There are many different forms of surfaces, including wooden and glass, but the most common type that is used in homes is marble, which is a type of limestone, and marble consists mainly of calcium carbonate, which is found in natural stone, shells, and pearls, and there is soft marble, which is a A soft, porous stone that is prone to staining, but with proper care for it, it will last beautifully over time. “The Seventh Day” reviews some different tips for cleaning marble surfaces, according to what the “Seventh Day” website published.bhg“.

protection measures

Although many deal with the marble surface, it is just a surface that is used without any restrictions, but the wrong treatment of it may reduce its life, and make it easy to affect anything, and among the preventive measures that must be taken is to avoid using sharp tools directly on it, Do not place hot dishes directly on it.


Clean it constantly

Marble should always be cleaned, mop interior floors frequently using a clean, untreated dry dust mop, reduce tracked dirt by placing anti-slip mats or rugs inside and outside entrances, and do not leave foods on surfaces without removing them and wiping from below, and it is preferable to use a vacuum cleaner To get rid of dust instead of cloth to avoid scratches on the marble.

Marble polishing
Marble polishing

Scan it first

Natural marble is affected by everything, and its color may change with the frequent use of it, so it must be cleaned first of all from traces of spills, especially colored juices, so that the marble is not dyed, and it is preferable to wipe it with running water, soap and a soft loofah, then wash it well and wipe it well with a soft cloth, and repeat as necessary.

Kitchen marble
Kitchen marble

Do not use strong detergents

Never use abrasive scrubbers or coarse-textured cloths that can scratch marble. Use products containing lemon, vinegar, or other acids that will dull or pit marble surfaces. Stay away from scouring powders, abrasive creams, and rust removers that contain trace amounts. of hydrofluoric acid (HF) These will damage the marble.



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