Similar to Prince Harry, he earns $2,000 a day.. I know what he works for

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The British “Reese Wittuck”, 39, benefited from his great resemblance to the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, to obtain a monthly salary after he was hired to work for an advertising agency to provide acting scenes for the character of Prince Harry..

Prince Harry

“Reese” told the British newspaper “Daily Mail” that he gained wide fame after the news of Prince Harry became the focus of the world’s attention, especially after his withdrawal from the royal family and the issuance of a book that tells his own problems..

Taking pictures with fans
Taking pictures with fans

He added, “I did not expect that I would benefit from my likeness to Prince Harry. I thought it would not go beyond people taking pictures with me here and there.” Reese confirmed that he is now earning about $ 2,000 in one day, in exchange for imitating or performing an acting role based on the prince’s daily life..

Regarding his resemblance to the prince, Rees said: “He is the one who resembles me because I am almost a year older than him..I am the one who arrived in the world first.” As for his new job, he commented: “I love the job and I am very lucky because I look like one of the most important personalities in the world.”.”

A man earns money for the strong resemblance between him and Prince Harry
A man earns money for the strong resemblance between himself and Prince Harry

On the other hand, Prince Harry said that the hacking of phones had occurred on a massive scale in the British press and that he would feel aggrieved if the High Court in London ruled that he was not a victim of this matter..

Harry, the first high-ranking member of the British royal family to appear as a court witness in more than 130 years, was questioned for a second day over his allegations that British tabloids used illegal means to target him since he was a child.


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