If you want to lose weight…ideas for vegan meals you can take with you to work

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Whoever wants to lose weight significantly, can reduce the amount of calories he eats during the day, to get a fit and athletic body, but sometimes a person may weaken, especially while he is at work. He may eat fatty meals because he did not plan for the meals that must be eaten in advance. .

And there is a person who prefers to start his day by eating vegetarian, light meals away from eggs, yogurt, and milk, and there are some ideas for those who want light, low-calorie vegetarian breakfasts that can be put in a lunch box, and eaten in the morning hours at work, and to know these ideas, you can follow the following report, according to the siteloveandlemons“.

Oatmeal breakfast recipes

Oatmeal is considered an essential thing for those who follow a healthy diet to lose weight, and it is suitable for adding sugar or salt to it, according to the person’s taste, and the multiplicity of dishes that are made with it.

Oatmeal breakfast recipes


An easy and simple oatmeal recipe can be made by placing thin oats in a dish and placing many fresh fruits, nuts, nut butter and coconut flakes on it, for a distinctive taste, maximum saturation and a person feeling full, and it can be placed in a glass jar and carried to work and eaten in the morning.

Oatmeal with coconut

Whole oatmeal porridge

Oatmeal is distinguished by the fact that it can be eaten salty or eaten in the form of dessert. In this recipe, oatmeal, green onions and avocado can be added to make a delicious, appetizing and satiating porridge. It is a light vegetarian meal that makes a person feel full until lunchtime.

oatmeal porridge;

oatmeal porridge;

Homemade granola

Another vegetarian recipe can be made, by making granola that is made of almond butter and maple syrup, to be sweet and distinct, with walnuts and fresh fruit pieces with oat milk or vegetable yogurt, as desired for a new light dish without any boredom.



Oatmeal with berries:

This recipe can be prepared for breakfast or lunch, by putting the ingredients together early and putting them in the oven to be hot before eating the delicious dish directly.

Oatmeal with berries
Oatmeal with berries


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