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Why hasn’t it been 4 years since the assassination of a president?

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publish date 2023-06-19 09:13:36

The fourth anniversary of the death of President Mohamed Morsi passed without mention or news on satellite channels, which only a year ago, or two years at most, gathered to cover the rare event in the history of Arab politics.
It is understood that new waters flowed into the rivers and swamps of international and regional politics, which imposed a new sensitivity and different approaches to the Egyptian issue, which in turn made the tragedy of the bitter experience of Dr. Like everything.
However, this does not negate that the subject, by purely professional standards, deserves to not go unnoticed like this, as if there was no elected head of state named Mohamed Morsi on the face of the earth, or that he was not assassinated by medical negligence, or that four years had not passed since that. he ran.
Away from politics and human and moral values, and from a purely professional perspective, we are about a journalistic story that has all the necessary elements that make it important and worthy of attention, even at the minimum. A news item in one of the bulletins consists of a few words that say, “Today, four years have passed since the passing of the former Egyptian President, Dr. Muhammad Morsi, who fell from exhaustion in front of the Egyptian court before which he was appearing.
It can be claimed that ignoring the reference to the passage of four years since the absence of the first civilian president in the history of the Egyptian Republic, after his election in the first real elections known to the Egyptian people after a popular revolution, is a violation of professional values ​​and disregard for the scenes, let alone among the components of the story that the man is the first president Republic dies in the courtroom, during his trial after being overthrown from power after a military coup, according to the description used by satellite channels that ignored the memory.
It amazes you that the platforms that did not remember or did not reach their knowledge and concern about the passage of four years since the departure of the president commemorated the quarter-century anniversary of the departure of the preacher Muhammad Metwally Al-Shaarawi on the same date, and after a full 25 years they found what could be presented to the viewer and the reader, but they did not find anything worthy of mention. On the anniversary of only four years since the death of a political leader, his accession to the presidency constituted an exceptional and rare event in modern history.
It is the same satellite channels that find, sixty years after the execution of the elected Turkish President Adnan Menderes, what to present to the viewer, but they discovered, suddenly, that the story of Muhammad Morsi is no longer an attractive journalistic material.
No one knows how the platforms that tended to exaggerate the memory of the same occasion only two years ago could justify dropping it completely from their interest this time, but the viewer certainly knows that this behavior is tantamount to another assassination of the man who died standing, and his last words to the judges are that he is asking the court To allow him to meet with his defense to convey his last message to the Egyptian people, but the court rejected his request.
This rejected request, and according to the professional standard, is supposed to arouse the press’s appetite for research, investigation, and the question, after four years, what is the content of the message that he asked to deliver to his people a few minutes before announcing his death, but none of that happened, or rather it was not allowed in the Arab circumstance. And the new regionalist, who is about to apologize to the dominant forces of tyranny for his one day involvement in siding with the people and their revolutions, and being deceived by those miscreant civilians who dreamed of a democratic Arab spring.
It is shameful that at the moment when Jerusalemites were commemorating the martyrdom of President Morsi, an Arab media was broadcasting live the activities of the Israeli demonstrations against the Netanyahu government, and was singing to the ears of the Arab viewer with Zionist chants and songs, and the words of his leaders on the field platform, as if he had turned his back on the last remaining features. Arab Spring, and embraced an alternative Zionist Spring.

(Al-Quds Al-Arabi)

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