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Amidst calls for a boycott… What are the reasons behind the high chicken prices?

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publish date 2023-06-19 10:57:28

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The Consumer Protection Association called for a boycott of chicken, in the event that the Ministry of Industry and Trade did not intervene, stand before the real reasons for the exaggerated price hike, and set price ceilings.

In the midst of these boycott calls, citizens complained of significant increases in chicken prices, although there are no real reasons for that such as high demand or a significant rise in temperatures. Rather, the rise came before Eid al-Adha, as the demand for chicken decreases at this stage.

The Consumer Protection Association attributed the real reasons behind this unjustified increase in chicken prices, indicating that it is due to “the large companies’ encroachment on small farmers, expelling them from the market, and imposing the prices they want without accountability or control.”

The media spokesman for the Consumer Association, Maher Hajjat, told Al-Bawsala that the unjustified rise came “with the complete absence of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which is supposed to conduct real studies on production costs.”

The media spokesman explained that “the reasons for the owners of the companies are not convincing,” adding, “We are not convinced of them, especially at this time of the year.”

The Consumer Protection Association called on the Ministry of Industry and Trade to take action to control chicken prices, noting at the same time, “If the ministry does not move and impose price ceilings, we will call for a boycott.”

The association confirmed that the complaints received by it were divided into two parts, the first related to the high prices of chicken (fresh and offal), where the price of one kilogram of offal chicken is sold between 170 and 190 piasters in the governorates and two dinars in some areas of the capital, Amman, and fresh chicken reached more than Two and a half dinars.

The association said that it had received “hundreds of complaints from citizens from various governorates of the Kingdom, in which they expressed their strong dissatisfaction with the exaggerated prices at which this substance is sold, which is an indispensable staple on the tables of Jordanians.”


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