Your guide to determining the skin tone of your nails and how to choose suitable clothing colors

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Choosing the right colors for the skin is one of the important things to get an attractive and harmonious look. When you choose the colors of the clothes that are suitable for your skin, they improve your overall appearance, as they help highlight the beauty of the skin and hide its imperfections, and it also enhances your self-confidence and reflects your personality and unique taste. Therefore, knowing the right skin colors helps you make the right decision when buying clothes and saves you time and money when choosing the colors that suit you and enhance your attractiveness.

And to find out how clothes can be chosen according to the shape of the skin to a large extent, you can follow the following report, according to the “”stitchfixBy focusing on the color of the nails, are they reddish-orange, reddish-blue, pinkish-blue, peach, or golden-yellow.

warm degree

If the nail color tends to be a peach or golden yellow, this is considered a category under warm colors, which means that the skin tends to be a golden or warm yellow color and can be medium skin tone with a pale yellow or dark yellow or peach undertone.

The hair may be light brown, red, dark brown, or strawberry blond, which tends to lead to dark blue, gray, green, or light brown eyes.

cold degree

If the nails are reddish, pink, or blue in color, this means that the skin is in the category of cold or calm colors, which tends to be blue, red, or pink, which means that the skin tends to be pale white, olive, or dark. The hair can be dark brown, black, or natural blonde, and the eye color tends to be amber, dark brown, hazel, blue, or even green.

Wheaten girl

How to find the color of clothes that match the skin tone

Fair or calm skin

If the skin has red, pink or blue undertones, this means that it will look great with colors such as blue, purple, lavender and soft pink.

white girl

white girl

Warm skin

The skin may contain undertones of golden and yellow colors, and for this you must choose colors that reflect these colors, such as camel, orange, golden, and scarlet red.

Brunette girl
Brunette girl


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