Reasons why high school students feel stress and tension, and tips to deal with the problem

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During the examination period, the high school student feels pressure, tension and anxiety all the time, which is due to various reasons that parents must know to deal with them, and this is what we review in the report, according to the “” bnitreatment“.

Reasons why students feel stressed and tense

Exams Table

The main reason for high school students feeling excessive pressure and exhaustion is the exam schedule, the short period for reviewing academic subjects, and their desire to enroll in a particular college.

Reasons why high school students feel pressure and tension

Not getting enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep makes the student unable to focus on the material he is reviewing, which causes him to feel exhausted and anxious.

Feeling nervous
Feeling nervous

Inability to organize

The inability to manage time properly causes high school students to feel exhausted and overpressed.

A female student feels pressured and tense
A female student feels pressured and tense

No rest period

The high school student’s inability to take a break causes him to feel more pressure, tension, and anxiety about exams.

lack of support

During the examination period, a high school student needs to support his family, and their neglect of him causes him to feel anxious and stressed all the time.

Dealing with stress and tension

practicing yoga

Practicing yoga exercises helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, so the student should practice this exercise for several minutes during the day.

Talk to a specialist

Parents should speak with a specialist to deal with high school students during the examination period, with parents supporting their son until he passes this period successfully.

enough sleep

Getting enough sleep and turning off electronic devices at a certain time helps you feel rested and rejuvenates your energy.

Use of time management applications

Regulating time is one of the methods that helps in getting rid of anxiety and tension, and therefore it is recommended to use the application of time management, to organize time during the period of reviewing study materials during the examination period.


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