4 signs get nervous and worry all the time, most notably Cancer and Virgo

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Some people are calm and slow in making decisions, and nothing can disturb their lives, and on the contrary, some people are characterized by nervousness and excessive anxiety about the simplest things in their lives, and these are believed to belong to some of the astrological constellations that we review in this report, according to what was mentioned by the site ” astrotalk“.

Astrological signs known for anxiety and excessive stress


A Virgo child strives all the time to achieve perfection, perfection, and accuracy in everything in his life. He also cares about the details of everything, so he feels excessive anxiety and tension when he makes any mistake in his work, or when things do not go as planned.

Feeling nervous

Virgo focuses all the time on maintaining his health and cleanliness, so he feels anxious and stressed about himself and others.


A Cancer born is characterized by extreme sensitivity and emotionality, which makes him feel anxious most of the time, and because he is naturally emotional, he is affected by the feelings of those around him, so he may feel anxious, in addition to his keenness to protect his family members, which makes him feel tense all the time.

feeling restless
feeling restless

Cancer is interested in the past, is closely linked to his childhood memories, and is worried about any change in his life or feels that it threatens the stability of his family, and he is very afraid of the future.


A Pisces-born is characterized by emotionality and sensitivity that makes him vulnerable to anxiety and stress, and being affected by the energies of those he deals with, so that he may feel anxious about the suffering of others, so he escapes from all this to daydreams and imagination, but his imagination may lead him to worst-case scenarios or imaginary fears that make him feel anxious and distressed. .

Always feeling stressed
Always feeling stressed


A Capricorn is a practical, ambitious and responsible person who tends to be disciplined and serious in everything, so he feels anxious and stressed when he encounters chaos, makes mistakes, fails to meet other people’s expectations, or reaches his dreams.

A Capricorn is ambitious and sometimes impulsive, and sets lofty goals for himself to achieve them. When he fails to do so, he feels anxious and tense, for fear of failing in his career.

Capricorns often feel a strong sense of duty and responsibility towards their family, career, and community, and fear that they will not be able to fulfill their obligations.


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