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We demand price ceilings for chickens, and the boycott option is on the table

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publish date 2023-06-18 10:43:17

The National Society for Consumer Protection called on the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply to set fair price ceilings for chicken of all kinds because of its exaggeratedly high prices and does not reflect the cost of its production in such a period of the year.

Muhammad Obeidat, Head of Consumer Protection, said that during the past week, we have received hundreds of complaints from citizens from various governorates of the Kingdom, in which they expressed their strong dissatisfaction with the exaggerated prices at which this substance is sold, which cannot be dispensed with on the tables of Jordanians, especially as it is considered an alternative to red meat, and therefore it must be They are sold at fair prices commensurate with the purchasing power of citizens.

Obeidat added that the complaints received by the association were divided into two parts. The first section is related to the high prices of chicken (fresh and raw chicken), where the price of one kilogram of chicken from raw chicken is sold between 170 piasters to 190 piasters in the governorates, and two dinars in some areas of the capital Amman, and fresh chicken reached more than From two and a half dinars, as for the second part of the complaints, it was about the unavailability of this substance on the shelves of malls and stores in sufficient quantities and with different weights as a result of some malls selling it in pieces and selling it at very high prices that are not commensurate with its real production costs, and middle and low-income people cannot buy it, even if it is available. With weights less than 1000 grams.

And he called on the relevant regulatory authorities to intensify control over the markets and control the manipulations that occur and work to force these stores to provide sufficient quantities of chicken at fair prices for all parties to the exchange process.

And he indicated that in the event of a lack of response and the prices remain high, the boycott option is on the table, as citizens will be invited to boycott the purchase and consumption of chicken of all kinds for a specified period until prices return to what they were in the past.

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