Your guide to choosing jewelry that matches your look and the nature of your work

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While jewelry is part of the most important fashion accessory, it may be worn incorrectly and with a lot of useless glamor, in an attempt to express personality with it, and there are ways to make choosing and wearing jewelry very easy, so that the clothes are compatible with Jewelry to make the look irresistibly elegant, according to the website “fashiongonerogue“.

How to match jewelry with different clothes

Matching jewelry with everyday clothes

When wearing casual clothes such as jeans or regular shirts, simple earrings and necklaces such as dangling earrings or a simple necklace can be worn without comments, and at the same time a casual dress can be worn.

And if the girl wears eyeliner, lipstick, or makeup in another color, then jewelry of different colors should be avoided so as not to be inappropriate, and the girl may like to wear circular earrings and she has only one pair.

everyday wear

Matching jewelry with formal attire

Surely every girl and woman knows that when wearing formal clothes such as formal dresses, wedding dresses or party clothes, there is a special treatment for them, and there are stricter rules for accessories, such as when wearing necklaces, the pendants must be very simple, so as not to draw attention away about choosing a dress.

with uniforms

with uniforms

And if the girl has formal clothes with a lot of patterns, she should choose jewelry that works a clear balance, and women’s watches can be simple in the day and have a lot of sparkle in the evening.



jewelry and the nature of your business

Every girl wants to wear jewelry or accessories to show her personality clearly, so if the one who wants to wear jewelry is an artist and works in areas of creativity, then gold-plated necklaces and colorful earrings are elegant with clothes.

But if she works in the field of law or accounting, she can wear simple accessories such as gold-studded necklaces and small necklaces, a good choice, and if the profession is in teaching, she can wear silver necklaces with elegant silver pendants.

Jewelry with a profession

Jewelry with a profession


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