What is diet ice cream? How can it help in losing excess weight?

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Followers of diets to lose excess weight are afraid to eat ice cream of various kinds for fear of gaining weight, but what some people do not know is that they can include ice cream in their healthy diet to lose their excess weight, and this is what we learn about in the report, in which we review the most important information. About the ice cream diet and how to follow it, according to the “Ice Cream” website.makeupandbeauty“.

What is the ice cream diet?

Holly McCord, nutrition editor for “Prevention” magazine, spoke about the ice cream diet in one of her books, and indicated that this diet prevents a feeling of deprivation and allows the enjoyment of ice cream, and this is beneficial not only physically, but the mind feels satisfied, which makes it feel full after that, which On the contrary, when depriving yourself of sweets and fatty foods, this causes a person to feel deprivation, which makes him feel depressed, which leads him to avoid continuing to lose weight.

Lose weight with ice cream

How does ice cream help lose weight?

The ice cream system helps to lose excess weight, by including it in a healthy diet, which helps maintain the balance of calcium in the body, which is important for bone health. On the other hand, the person feels comfortable and enjoys losing weight because he is rewarded for that by eating ice cream at the end. today.

ice cream
ice cream

What are the calories for ice cream?

This diet must adhere to calories ranging from 1200-1300 calories, noting that the ice cream included in the diet contains another 200 calories, excluding that it contains oils, fats and excess white carbohydrates, with the addition of plenty of fresh vegetables and protein. Such as lean meat, fish, eggs, beans, grains, as well as fruits, within the diet followed, while avoiding milk and cheese, because eating too many dairy products may spoil the digestion process and skin health, while avoiding unhealthy snacks and limiting yourself to ice cream only.

Ice cream diet
Ice cream diet

How healthy is ice cream?

It is not allowed to eat a large piece of chocolate ice cream daily, with the necessity that the ice cream be low in fat and without sugar, and it can be eaten after lunch instead of dinner because eating dessert at night is not a healthy habit and can affect sleep, and fruit can be added to the ice Cream to be more healthy and for people who suffer from lactose intolerance, it is preferable to eat coconut ice cream or soy milk ice cream.

Notes to pay attention to:

Like all other diets, you must consult a dietitian or doctor first, to find out how the body reacts to the followed diet, which contains 1,500 calories, with the need to exercise to burn calories.


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