Queen Rania’s crown and Queen Fawzia’s brooch… the most famous jewelry decorated with Arabic words

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For the lovers to write their names on the wedding ring, or even tattoo it on the body, is one of the ways that can express the extent of love, attention and appreciation, and in recent days, the entire world has discussed, and they talked about the crown that Princess Ragwa Al Saif wore during her wedding ceremony, which is a phrase About a sparkling diamond crown, with a phrase in Arabic written on it, which is “a hope from God.” Prince Rajawa was not the first to wear a royal crown written on it in classical Arabic, so the seventh day reviews some of the royal jewelry that was inscribed on it in Arabic.

Princess Rajah’s wedding

Queen Rania’s crown

This crown inscribed with “Glory to God” is due to the request of King Abdullah II, to the royal jewelry maker Ban Siscard, who made a distinctive and different crown dedicated to Queen Rania in 2005, as he made a crown of white gold inlaid with about 1,200 pieces of diamonds and weighing 20 carats. .

Queen Rania's crown
Queen Rania’s crown

Queen Fawzia brooch

It is a distinctive brooch that Queen Fawzia received as a gift from the Shah of Iran, Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, on the occasion of her engagement to the Queen. It is displayed among the most luxurious jewelry and jewelry collection of the royal family, which was designed in the form of an artistic manuscript bearing her name, and it is one of the most prominent golden pieces of art that are displayed in Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria.

Princess Fawzia brooch
Princess Fawzia brooch

Princess Rajah’s crown

Princess Ragwa Al-Hussein’s crown caught everyone’s attention as it bore a phrase engraved with diamonds with high precision with the words “Rajawa from God”, which means “prayer answered by God”. Queen Rania had previously used this phrase, which referred to Raja as “prayer answered by God” in her Posted on Instagram to celebrate their engagement, according to” graziamagazine “.

Princess Rajah's crown
Princess Rajah’s crown


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