If there is a “Drama Queen” person in your life who complains a lot, know how to deal with him

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It is possible to meet with a large number of personalities of different natures, it is possible that we meet with a suspicious personality who loves drama in the work environment or in friendships and relatives, but some are ignorant of the way to deal with this type of people, so “The Seventh Day” reviews during the following steps the etiquette of dealing With the complaining personalities, according to Hala Al-Azab, an expert in etiquette and human relations.

The human relations expert said in her interview with Youm7: “This personality is considered one of the most difficult types of personalities that make us feel exhausted when dealing with them. It must be handled very carefully

Dealing with a negative personality

Do not share your successes

Do not share your success with him, because he may be saddened by your success. Do not escape his hatred and disparage your progress, and seek to defeat your joy, because he is a person who has lost a dream and has lost a tomorrow.

Don’t ask him about a past problem

Do not ask him about a problem that he has already told you about, so that he does not persist in talking. It is inappropriate to allow someone to talk about non-existent people in impolite terms, as it is deliberate by the complaining personality.

Don’t let him play the victim role

Try to help him briefly and without going into long details, and ask him to specify his demands to try to help him, and if he refuses to help, then in this case he enjoys the role of the victim who has mastered his representation, and in this case you have to move away a little without realizing because he will attack you by spreading lies about you, just because your distance from him.

Dealing with the role of the victim
Dealing with the role of the victim


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