Hidden signs that a shy girl loves you in silence

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Love touches everyone’s heart, especially the heart of a shy girl who finds it difficult to show her feelings, especially the feelings of admiration she has for someone. The shy girl does not reveal her feelings because she is afraid of feelings of rejection, but there are some signs that show that the shy girl likes the person and even falls in love with him, without even revealing it, according to the “Shy Girl” website.YourTangoo“.

A shy girl

Signs that a girl likes someone

There are many non-verbal signs and signals that a shy girl might use to get the other person to take the first step towards her.

Blushing when you have a conversation with her

When a young man talks to a girl, he may notice some redness in her cheeks, which means that the girl may be feeling feelings of admiration and love that she does not show and hide inside her.



You care to listen when you talk to others

The girl who feels admiration for someone loves to hear how he talks to the people around him, and what he tells him even if he is talking about his favorite movie. This is very important for her to know the person without getting out of the shell she is inside.

Organizing plans from a person’s friends

A shy girl who has a crush on someone might plan a get-together with her friends to make sure she spends time around him without drawing any attention to her.

organizing plans

organizing plans

You look at the person secretly

A shy girl may look at the person she likes or loves in secret without noticing it, while studying all the person’s movements and studying his behavior and style.

You laugh at the person’s jokes, even if they aren’t funny

If this guy tells a joke and it’s not funny, a shy girl who likes you might find it cute and laugh at it, because she thinks you’re special and has a great sense of humor.

Laugh at jokes
Laugh at jokes


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