An application to detect adulterated drugs, a graduation project for media students in Al-Ahram, Canada

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The students of the fourth year, the Faculty of Information, the Department of Public Relations, launched an application to detect fraudulent medicines under the name “Pseudo scan”, which means by copying the names of medicines through the application to find out their license in the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population, in light of the project’s goal to raise awareness among the Egyptian citizen of medical medicines, and protect him from commercial fraud which can be exposed to it to preserve the lives of individuals.

Students from the fourth year at Al-Ahram Canadian University made an honorable effort through the idea of ​​​​the application, in addition to the media tools used, including visual and audio advertisements, and publications, to come up with a project that can be used in Egyptian practical life, by achieving the objectives of the application by preserving the safety of citizens, educating them, and providing protection and security from the dangers of counterfeit medicines. By making a “scaning” of the qr code through the application to ensure the safety of medicines.

This is the first application of its kind in detecting adulterated medicines.

The project came under the supervision of Dr. Hala Rashad Al-Aidi, and at the hands of a group of distinguished students from the university, namely, Hossam Walid, Anoud Omar, Dalia Khaled, Marina Eid, Nada Tariq, Nada Othman, Muhammad Sharif, Omnia Ehab.


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