An American makes huge sums of money from manicures after the Corona pandemic. Know the story in pictures

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American artist Maddox McCullough, from Carolina, stated that she discovered her talent in drawing and designing shapes on nails during the general closure period after the Corona pandemic 2020, and McCullough (27) said that it was for her to entertain her empty time, but she discovered her love and skill in performing designs..

Cosmetics design

According to the report published by the site PEOPLE She added that she started drawing easy and uncomplicated shapes in the first place, to develop and be able to draw very accurate facial features, as she watched dozens of videos by professional artists on Tik Tok..

Avatar design
Avatar design

After her great progress in drawing, Maddox began to charge large sums of money per design, reaching $111,000 a year, due to the strange designs requested by customers..

And the American young woman explained that one design can take her 40 to 60 hours of work in one set, at a value of $ 7,500..

Cartoon characters design
Cartoon characters design

And the matter did not stop selling them to ordinary individuals, but rather reached international companies that communicate with them to make special designs for their brands for advertisements, such as the famous “Burger” restaurant chain and famous makeup brands, in addition to Fox platforms. And HBO, which asks her to draw the characters of famous films and series, as they are sold in fictional numbers.


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