3 drinks reduce stress and the summer heat, including lemon with mint and soda

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Maintaining body moisture is a primary goal that everyone seeks, especially in the summer due to high and unstable temperatures, and this task is easy, especially when we are at home, but when we are outside during the summer day, whether at work or spending a day in the pool at the end of the week or on vacation It is more important and difficult every day, especially if you have to go out continuously in this hot weather, which makes it more difficult for you to face some things and may increase the possibility of you getting stressed, and despite the necessity of having a cup of water permanently with you, you may need to change from time to time. Therefore, the seventh day reviews a group of different juices that reduce stress and get rid of the summer heat, according to what was published by the “”bhg“.

Lemon mint juice and soda

the components

Juice of 2 lemons

A piece of lemon

mint leaves

Transparent sparkling water

crushed ice

Lemon with mint

How to prepare

Cut the lemon grains into cubes and put them in the cup, then add the fresh green mint leaves and pour the lemon juice over it.

Mash the ingredients well with a fork or pestle.

Crushed ice is placed over the pureed mixture, then soda water is poured over it, garnished with lemon rings, then served.

Raspberry and watermelon juice

the components

Fresh berries

Watermelon cubes without seeds

crushed ice

Carbonated water


Blueberry and watermelon
Blueberry and watermelon

How to prepare

This drink is prepared in the previous way, by mashing the berries and watermelon together, then adding crushed ice on top of it, and then adding soda water and fresh mint.

Strawberry basil slush

the components

A cup of strawberries

a cup of milk


Basil grains

Strawberry with basil
Strawberry with basil

How to prepare

Strawberries hit well in a blender and add a cup of water

The juice enters the freezer until it freezes well.

After complete freezing, strawberry juice is added to the electric blender and blended to obtain strawberry puree.

Pour a cup of cold milk over it with basil seeds.

Pour the mixture into a glass, then pour soda water over it and serve garnished with mint leaves.


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