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A new five-year depression affects Jordan at this time

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publish date 2023-06-04 18:48:27

The Arab Weather website said that the climatic summer season begins, according to the calendar of the meteorological services, on the first of June of each year, and despite that, weather maps are now indicating that Jordan and other countries of the eastern basin of the Mediterranean are on a date With a new five-year depression again at the end of this week, as these depressions are usually active in the period between mid-March and until mid-May.

And “Arab Weather” added that it is expected that this depression and the hot air mass, which will be at the forefront, bring a significant rise in temperatures and a hotter atmosphere than usual, in addition to activity in the speed of winds that raise dust and dust in many regions of the Kingdom.

It is expected that temperatures will remain around to slightly below their usual levels during the next few days, so that the weather will be generally moderate in temperature over the mountain heights, and relatively hot in the rest of the regions, with the appearance of some scattered clouds. While the weather is pleasant at night, but it tends to be cold in the late night hours, especially over the high mountain heights.

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