Your guide to choosing the most suitable sunglasses to protect your eyes in the summer

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Too much dust in the atmosphere has harmful effects on the skin, the respiratory system, and the eyes as well. Because exposure of the eye to some dust puts it at risk, just as exposure to sunlight for a long time may lead to some eye diseases that a person may be indispensable, and there are some tips through which one can buy suitable sunglasses to protect the eye, according to the site “stylecraze“.


Important tips when choosing sunglasses for eye protection:

Choosing sunglasses that block 99 to 100% of the sun’s rays:

When going to choose sunglasses, a girl may care about the shape on her face without taking into account some important things, such as that the glasses provide protection of up to 100% from UVA and UVB rays, to protect the eyes and walk under the sun in the utmost safety.

UV protection sticker:

Most sunglasses contain an ultraviolet light meter, which can test the ability of the glasses to measure ultraviolet radiation by heading to the eye doctor’s office or eyeglasses store.

Buy oversized sunglasses:

The greater the coverage of the sunglasses on the skin, the less damage will be caused by exposure to the eyes from the sun’s rays, and for this reason, when choosing sunglasses, be sure to buy large sunglasses that help reduce ultraviolet rays from entering and harming the eye.

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Do not be fooled by the dark colors of the glasses:

When choosing sunglasses, you should not be deceived by the dark lenses of the glasses, which look good, but they do not block or protect from ultraviolet rays, not all dark glasses are good for protection.

Don’t give up on cheap sunglasses:

Of course, sunglasses that protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation are expensive, but inexpensive sunglasses can suffice, as long as they are able to block ultraviolet rays by up to 100% with the same effectiveness as expensive glasses.

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