What are the best eating times to lose weight safely?

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Everyone who wants to lose weight is concerned with all matters related to food, the quality of food, and even meal times, in order to reduce weight safely and soundly.

Walking according to a specific time to eat each day helps to maintain the balance of the body, and to know the time when you should eat, you can follow the following report, according to the “”timesofindia“.

The best dates to eat to lose weight


Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, and it must be rich in protein, and the meal should be from 6 am to 10 am, which helps at that time to reduce the risk of fat accumulation in the body, while reducing the feeling of hunger throughout the hours of the day, and we must not give up Avoid breakfast because adherence to it helps to lose weight quickly.


Mid-morning snack

Eating a snack in the middle of the morning is not necessary, but depends on the person, and the body takes 4 hours to digest and absorb food, and a snack can be eaten in the middle of the morning, after 2 to 4 hours after eating the frame meal, to conserve energy until the afternoon.




The person should eat lunch before 3 o’clock and not be lazy about it, because the commitment to eating lunch helps to reduce the weight of the person easily.

healthy lunch

healthy lunch

Afternoon snack

This meal is similar to a snack in the morning, and an evening snack should be eaten two to four hours after eating lunch, because eating snacks between main meals prevents overeating and does not weaken the person in front of fatty meals, and some of the useful nuts and fresh fruits can be eaten And juices, which leads to an increase in the process of losing weight.


It is possible to eat a light meal before 7 o’clock in the evening, which helps to reduce the extra weight and to abstain from food after seven o’clock, because you should not eat food at least two hours before bedtime.

healthy dinner

healthy dinner


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