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Many people want to have a fit and perfect body, which makes going on a special diet a necessity, but some people stay on special diets for a long time without an effective result, which makes them feel more bored. When you follow a healthy diet for some time, you must maintain the weight you lost after that, and to find out about this habit, you can follow the following report, according to the “”eatingwel“.

Get a baseline

You should write down what was eaten in a diary or even take pictures of the food. A person may feel bored when doing these things, but this helps the person to know all the food he has eaten, because knowing how to eat fiber, water and vegetables that were eaten during the day is useful. To lose weight, a person may feel like it’s a chore but they don’t have to keep track of everything they eat

Make half of the plate vegetables

When eating, meals can be made to contain vegetables, so that the dish contains a quarter of whole grains, a quarter of protein, and half of the plate of vegetables, about a cup, equal to 30 calories, but one cup of pasta equals 200 calories, and vegetables and fiber are very important Because eating fiber and vegetables helps to lose weight by slowing down the digestion process and making the body feel full for a long time.

Healthy food

A balanced meal to start the day

Breakfast should not be skipped, because it is very important for weight loss. Food should be eaten when feeling hungry and not starving, otherwise he will then eat a hearty meal as a result, and the meal should contain fiber and protein for the start of daily activity, while avoiding Refined carbohydrates such as white toast and sugary cereals, which lead to a rise in blood sugar, which causes the body to store fat instead of burning body fat.

Healthy food

Healthy food

the exercise:

You must do regular exercise, that exercise helps to lose weight, such as resistance exercises and weight-lifting exercises, which increases the burning of calories, and the result appears with a commitment to eating healthy food.

healthy eating (3)
healthy eating (3)


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