Reasons for high school students feeling nervous before exams and ways to treat the problem

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Some high school students feel stress and anxiety during the period preceding the exams, which is due to various reasons that must be known and treated so as not to negatively affect the student’s focus while reviewing his lessons, and this is what we review in the report, with methods that help to treat this problem, according to the website. “timesofindia. indiatimes“.

Reasons why a high school student feels stressed

There are many factors that contribute to student stress and feelings of tension during the pre-examination period, namely:

Being pressured by parents

High school students are stressed because their parents or teachers are pressuring them to get the highest marks in exams, in order to get into the college they want.

Feeling nervous

fear of failure

Many high school students during this period are worried about failing the exam, which makes them feel stressed and anxious, which makes them unable to solve the exam.

Ways to overcome stress
Ways to overcome stress

Not preparing for exams

During the pre-exam period, high school students feel stressed and exhausted, due to lack of understanding of the material, lack of time for revision, or other reasons.

Tips for overcoming stress
Tips for overcoming stress

shortage of time

Lack of time and limiting it causes the student to feel pressure and tension and symptoms of stress appear on him, which negatively affects his achievement of the subject.

How to overcome stress and anxiety

There are several strategies that help students overcome exam stress and anxiety:

Organize a schedule

It is advised to set a schedule that helps the student to review his lessons according to the short period prior to running the exams marathon.

a break

The student must take a break during the study material review period in order to charge his energy again and prepare to review the remaining study material.

Eat healthy food and exercise

A healthy diet and regular exercise can help manage stress and improve focus.

asking for help

It is also advised to seek the help of family members or a psychiatrist who helps the student overcome the feeling of tension while reviewing academic materials


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