A photographer captures an amazing aerial shot of a British port in the shape of a dolphin

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Photographer Rhys Jones was able to capture an amazing aerial photo, with a drone, of Marsa Wales, which appeared from above, like a dolphin, and left the viewers of the picture astonished by its beauty, as the photographer Rhys Jones was taking pictures with his drone over the port of Belili, in Wales, aware of the first Once a UK harbour, it is what looks like a cuddly aquatic creature.

“All the time I’m photographing over Bellila Harbor, I’ve never noticed what a dolphin looks like, and once you see it, it can never be ignored,” Jones said, according to the New York Post.

For two years, Jones used his drone to take pictures as a hobby. He flew his plane over this marina several times and never noticed what a dolphin looked like. “I took many pictures of the beautiful area we live in,” he said.

He added, “I passed by the marina several times, but I only noticed this amazing scene recently.” The photo received a great welcome, and one of them said: “A beautiful shot, no, it is not, it is a wonderful shot,” and the followers praised the photographer’s effort in taking distinctive pictures.

Port view from above

A photographer documents a “rainbow” phenomenon in the wings of hummingbirds

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that the Australian artist, Christian Spencer, spent a great deal of time observing a phenomenon that is not seen with the naked eye, between the wings of hummingbirds, and the passion began, in 2011, when Spencer was documenting a hummingbird while facing the sunrise, as part of a movie He was working on it.

Spencer, who lives in Brazil, was surprised to see small flashes of rainbow colors in his camera lens, and the phenomenon that “usually is not visible to our eyes, except when the video is slowed down,” and in 2014, the artist decided to document this natural phenomenon with pictures, which led to form a chain “Winged Prism” Colorful and Tedo wings as if turned into a rainbow, according to the site CNN Arabic.


The bird’s feathers turn white sunlight into bright colors

The feathers of a hummingbird act as a filter that converts white sunlight into various bright colors, and people who are interested in documenting birds need a great level of patience. trees, and the migration period of these birds into account.


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