A loud voice and childish behavior are signs that tell you that he has been crushing on you for a long time

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When a person falls in love, he follows some methods that help him draw the attention of the other party to him, who may not understand his intent. Therefore, the psychiatrist Francesca Tiginian of Romanian origin and works at City University in London indicated some signs that help reveal whether the other party was impressed. Whether or not you, and this is what we review in the report, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

Signs of a man liking a woman

The psychiatrist revealed signs someone likes you through a video clip that has garnered more than 777,000 views. She commented on her video and wrote, “Signs someone likes you, according to psychology.”


And she added, “The other party who likes someone begins to stretch his body when he is near the other party, especially men do this, when they are close to the girl they like, and they try to get her attention.

love relationship
love relationship

The psychiatrist said that the loud voice is one of the signs of a person’s admiration, as he is trying to draw the attention of the other party to him, and one of the signs of admiration is also being rude for no apparent reason, such as dealing in a childish and immature manner and chattering when the other party notices. He is busy or talking to someone, where he acts as a way to get the attention of the person he likes.

One of the signs of the other party’s admiration is the excessive sharing of details about his life that are not necessary for the other party.

The fifth sign of someone’s admiration is to change their body position when they see the person they like, taking care to fix their hair, play with their necklace, or straighten their backs.

Another sign of a person’s admiration is that he does not act normally when the person he likes is present, because he feels nervous when the person he likes is present.


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