5 signs that make you not trust this person.. He does not admit his mistake and twists the stories

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To trust a person is the ultimate meaning of love, and that means that you feel safe, reassured and loved, but despite all this security, we are surprised that these people are not trustworthy, and although there are some signs that assure you of that, you may ignore them. , or you did not pay attention to it, so the seventh day reviews some of the signs that indicate the presence of an untrustworthy person with whom you must set limits through your dealings, according to psychotherapists, according to what was published by the “”wellandgood“.

Trust in others

They change the details depending on the circumstances

They always tell the details of some facts, in more than one way, depending on the situation and the people who live in it. If you notice that this person gives you conflicting information or seems to deviate from the truth of a story, these are signs indicating a lack of trust. Manipulation and lying are always not owned by a person who is competent. to trust.

They don’t admit their mistakes

If a person does not show remorse or take responsibility for something wrong, it will be difficult to trust them to do what is right in the future. This may seem like the person always needs to be right or always acts like a victim, says the certified psychotherapist and traumatologist of the Foundation. Westside Counseling CenterThis type of behavior may cause you to question yourself or your worth.

Personality traits
Personality traits

They seem to be hiding a lot of things

While personal boundaries can certainly be positive, if a friend or partner appears to be so protective of such a large part of their life that it provides reasonable doubt about their personality or motives, there is an opportunity for a secret to be hidden. When someone categorically hides their space, phone, or important people in his life, it could be a sign that they are not trustworthy.

You can’t take his word for it

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who stuck to every deal or promise they made, but if your friend or partner breaks promises frequently, sometimes without having to, this could indicate that the person’s intentions are questionable.

mysturious person
mysturious person

They always make you feel anxious

A gut feeling is often a sure sign of an untrustworthy person. If someone’s presence seems to make you feel uncomfortable, even if you can’t quite explain why, it’s worth taming that feeling. You always have problems.


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