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West Irbid municipality buys vehicles worth 500,000 dinars

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publish date 2023-06-03 15:32:36

The municipality of West Irbid received 5 new (pick-up) vehicles that it purchased to supply the municipality with a new transport fleet, to meet the existing shortage, to ensure faster services, to respond to citizens’ requests and to find out their needs, according to the head of the municipality, Jamal Al-Batayneh.

Al-Batayneh said that the municipality has issued a bid to purchase 3 Diana cars, a tipper, a Baku loader, two electric cars, two insecticide spraying motors, an asphalt cutting motor, a laser cutting machine, a digging machine for planting trees, a halter, two surveyors, a 6-volt generator and a small-sized road roller. to patch the streets.

He pointed out that the cost of purchasing the vehicles is estimated at about 500,000 dinars, and the vehicles will be distributed to all areas of the municipality so that the employees and the municipality can implement its service programs and carry out their work to the fullest.

The municipality received a grant from the Royal Court as a result of a meeting between the Mayor of West Irbid, Jamal Al-Batayneh, and the Director of Royal Initiatives, who donated a death bus in the name of the Court.

Al-Batayneh stressed that the new mechanisms will contribute to improving the quality of services and maintaining and rehabilitating the road network within the municipality’s areas, and maintenance workshops will work with the support of these mechanisms by opening and spreading roads as an alternative to bids that drain financial allocations and high costs at the expense of the municipality’s budget.

Al-Batayneh indicated that a maintenance operation was carried out for all the old mechanisms, whether they were unemployed or working and in need of maintenance. Much more than the price of buying new ones, so they were replaced with new mechanisms capable of covering the municipality’s needs and providing the best services.

Al-Batayneh confirmed that the municipality had received promises from the Ministry of Local Administration to provide it with two waste compactors to meet the shortage in the municipality, especially since the municipality’s compressors are old and some of them have become out of service due to their age and frequent breakdowns, and they need large funds for their maintenance.

Al-Batayneh indicated that the municipality is working in full swing to provide the best services and projects that would raise the level and efficiency of the services provided to citizens, pointing out that the municipality has put forward a tender worth 200 thousand dinars from the municipality’s budget to pave the municipality street, which would facilitate access to and from the municipality for all residents of its vicinity.

He pointed out that it is a tender for opening and paving streets within the western regions of Irbid, with a value of 400,000 dinars, which is a grant from the World Bank, in addition to the tender for the innovative park within the Kafryouba area, which is funded by a prize won by the municipality, with a value of 780,000 dinars. The municipality will pay 30% of the value of the tender, which is modern and environmentally friendly.

He pointed out that 2,000 trees will be planted in the central islands, after the excavator was purchased for planting trees, which will give more beauty to the streets and an important environmental benefit to the region.

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