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Petra may set a “record” by the end of the year with 1.5 million tourists

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publish date 2023-06-03 16:34:00

The head of the Petra Region Council of Commissioners, Dr. Suleiman Al-Farajat, confirmed that the number of visitors to the ancient city of Petra is on the rise.

Al-Farajat told (Petra) that the number of visitors to the ancient city of Petra is expected to reach a record 1.5 million visitors at the end of this year, and that visitors to the Pink City will reach one million visitors at the end of next October.

The number of visitors to Petra rose during the first five months of this year to 610,722, according to official statistics issued by the Petra Development and Tourism Region.

Last month, 139,685 visitors visited Petra, a growth rate of 42 percent from last year, and 59 percent from 2019.

The city’s visitors amounted to about 119,128 visitors, 4,912 of Arab nationalities, in addition to 13,982 visitors of Jordanians.

Al-Farajat stressed that the authority is continuing to implement programs and projects that will increase the number of visitors to the ancient city, diversify the tourism product and enrich the visitor’s experience.

He revealed that the authority will take more measures during the summer in preparation for the next season, including organizing the archaeological site, continuing to improve services, and launching more programs, to provide the visitor with a unique tourism experience.

And he indicated that this growth in the number of visitors comes as a result of partnership with the concerned official authorities, private sector institutions and the local community, and that the authority seeks through this partnership to improve the reality of Petra and the product and service provided to its visitors.

He stressed the region’s keenness to provide the best for this international tourist city, which will reflect positively on the development of local communities and the tourism sector.

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