Your share of your name.. How does choosing your child’s name affect his identity and personality?

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As soon as the mother finds out that she is pregnant, she begins to search for a distinctive name for her child, whether a boy or a girl, and this name remains with him throughout his life, from the time it is written on the birth certificate until it is written on the death certificate, but have you ever thought that this name may be a way or a sign that we follow throughout Our life is according to the science of the energy of letters and numbers, and we usually say that this person has a share of his name, because of the qualities with which he is known, and you may notice that his name denotes them, so when choosing the names of their children, parents should choose a distinguished name and not just a dominant, widespread or rhythmic one, as it may be A source of concern for a person who has not yet come to life, and the seventh day reviews how the name affects a person’s identity and gives him a share of it, according to what was published by the “Seventh Day” website.ideapod“.

Name selection

The fate of the name

When choosing a name, parents may consider many things including whether they simply find the first name phonetically pleasant or difficult to pronounce. Names are often chosen to show compatibility with the wider culture or language. Parents and those involved in the naming process may also consider what If their child is likely to be bullied or famous or fits the name they are given, the intentions and hopes of those who named us are in our name, embody the emotional and spiritual energy that went into the name, this can extend to religion and the job we have to do, and the culture to which we must belong or identify with.

New baby names
New baby names

Name rarity

More research supports the link between our names, where we belong in life, and how we define our identity. A 2021 research conducted by researchers at the Beijing Institute of Psychology found that those with rarer names have a much higher chance of ending up in scarce jobs. Rare names have also been linked to higher levels of creativity and innovation.

name depth

Digging deeper into the origin of names, we can see how our first and last names can go a long way to how others define our place in society. Often times, our names and their perceived strength or weakness are determined by society and other people. This can happen through Things like employers, partners, and friends approve or disapprove of our name, sometimes causing you to be given another name.

New Baby
New Baby


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