Signs in body language warn you: This person is nervous and has tendencies to violence

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One of the most dangerous personalities that we deal with in our daily life is the aggressive personality, as he may harm those closest to him in his fits of anger, and when his nervousness controls him and leads him to harm those around him, he is a person who is prone to losing his temper from one moment to another, and when this happens we see aggressive behaviors that express His inclination to use violence Fortunately, there are signs and behaviors in body language that make it easier for us to detect this person, so that we can move away from him or deal with him within limits, and we explain here the most important of these signs, according to body language expert Muhammad Abu Hashem.

Signs in body language will tell you that the man is aggressive

Use the finger

He uses it to refer to the other party, intentionally or unintentionally, even in cases that do not express anger, anxiety, or tension. We also see him using it in threats, and in expressing his status and importance by pointing upwards.

Hand signal

It is noted that from time to time he uses the edge of the hand to indicate while speaking automatically His use of this signal and his frequent repetition of it are what shows that it stems from within him, and that he is a person who tends to use violence a lot, as this is one of the most expressive signs of aggression.

hand grip

This sign appears from him when he feels annoyed, even if the matter is easy and does not require intense anger, and it is noticeable to whoever sees it clearly. He vents his anger

Rapid nasal retraction

This signal occurs quickly and is seen only by those with strong observation, and those who focus with the most accurate signals of the other party, and it expresses that its owner is nervous and may tend to use violence in many situations.

Biting on the lips

It clearly expresses that he is nervous and aggressive, but he tries to control his anger He may have a reaction that he wants to communicate to the other party, but he cannot for one reason or another. You may also see him biting his nails strongly and clearly.

Words that suggest violence

He uses words and phrases that express explicit violence during his speech, and if the other party asks him about that, he argues that he is joking and that he cannot think of doing that. Beware of this person, because at the time of his anger he may easily carry out what he was threatening to do, as he did not utter these words out of Joking, but this stems from within and from his tendency to violence.

Body language signs of anger
Body language signs of anger
Signs showing a person's aggressiveness
Signs showing a person’s aggressiveness


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