4 skills that make you a successful manager.. the most important of which is being a good listener

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We all strive to possess more distinctive qualities and skills, especially those who are in a leadership position or want to reach a high position, in order to be distinguished and different from everyone as a result of our superiority and skills, in addition to compatibility and harmony with those around us at work, so it is not surprising that social skills Strong can give us influence, strength, respect, and the factor of admiration that is very important for a successful manager. There are some simple skills that give a positive impact to everyone around us, according to what was published by the “Seventh Day” website.hackspirit“.

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A good listener

The skill of listening is one of the ways that many should have, listening is the first step to success, and one study found that up to 96% of people think they are good listeners, but research has found that successful people tend to retain about half of what someone tells them.

You are friendly

Although when a person is friendly, it is a positive energy, but it is a characteristic and skill that many must possess. Research indicates that many people who naturally have this warmth and friendliness are extroverts, and many people always gather around them with love and security.

Friendly personality
Friendly personality

Willing to compromise

Some believe that making concessions means nothing but a lack of dignity, but what some people do not know is that a person who never gives up anything is selfish, hard-headed, and refusing progress. There is no objection to giving up for the success of a relationship or to reassure a dear person.

Sensitive in dealing with others

Being a sensitive person who is considerate of the feelings of others is one of the distinctive skills that many successful people possess, but being harsh is a difficult feeling that those who deal with you may feel and make them feel insecure.

A good listener
A good listener


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