4 colors that should be avoided when designing a bathroom, including red and olive

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There is no doubt that when building a home, we seek that all of our choices are suitable for the place and its energy that affects our lives, our mood, our well-being, and always makes us better. There is also no doubt that the bathroom is one of the basic places in the house, so choosing its color and decorations has a great power and influence on the entire house, so it must Any ideas for the bathroom should include a careful study of the paint colors, and above all, the seventh day reviews some colors that should be avoided when designing the bathroom, according to the website bulletin.homesandgardens“.

bathroom colors

Olive green colour

While green may seem like a great choice for bathroom paint due to its association with nature, this may also be a bad choice, because its reflection on the skin when looking at a woman makes the face dull, which is not what everyone wishes and does not like, but if you are attracted to the color green, And you want to make sure that it does not throw an unflattering light on your skin, you can use the effect of quilted wallpaper and hang it in the bathroom, with the need to combine natural and artificial light.

Oil color
Oil color

Red color

Red is the other shade that designers advise to avoid, because it can cause a feeling of shock when entering the bathroom immediately after sleep, as the person will feel a visual shock, from the calmness of sleep to the heat of the color, and if you seek to use it, it can be combined with beige or white.

Red color
Red color

The pure white

Although all interior designers recommend light colors or light tones, the bright white color is a color that shows dirt and stains easily and requires more cleaning and intensive care. Instead, it is recommended to use neutral colors in shades of gray, blue and white to create a calm space.

The bright white
The bright white

dark colours

Dark colors are considered the same as white, pure white, because they show any effect, water stains, and soap residue, and they need extreme care and cleaning materials designated for them so as not to leave any traces.

Dark colours
Dark colours


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