Iman Hakim during the program “He and They”: Entering into a new relationship to forget the old one is a lie

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Iman Hakim, a journalist in the Women’s and Variety Department, was a guest on the “He and They” program broadcast on Al-Mehwar channel with the two presenters, Marwa Mimi and Nermin Sharif, where the focus of the episode was entering into a new emotional relationship before forgetting the old one.

Journalist Iman Hakim

“Iman” explained: her point of view on entering into a new relationship to forget the old relationship, is that she completely rejects the beginning of a new relationship without getting rid of the old relationship for several reasons, including that marriage occurs and after a short period of time separation occurs, whether for the man or the six. And she continued: “I refuse to enter into a relationship under the pretext of forgetfulness, but most of those who do this behavior may be missing love inside their homes, so we must think well when entering into a new relationship.”

Wise faith
Wise faith

And “Hakim” continued: There are the most prominent stories that we have seen because of the haste in the wrong engagement that resulted in divorce, and there can be children in the new relationship, who suffer from harm on the one hand, so it is preferable to start a new relationship after getting rid of the past completely, and she continued: I The personal opinion of many relationships is a person who lacks self-confidence, so we can see a large number of men who want a certain point within them, which is the abundance of relationships to satisfy the point of deficiency in their lives.

Iman Hakim, editor of the Women’s and Variety section, confirmed: “My advice to everyone is not to enter into a new relationship before getting rid of the old one, and not to rush. Haste brings many problems, so get rid of the old and start over, love yourself greatly.”

While the opinion of the participants in the dialogue was that the person who enters into a new relationship before getting rid of the old one, all he wants is to satisfy the feelings of pain inside him and make up for the void.

Wise faith
Wise faith
Wise faith
Wise faith


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