Help them set their goals.. How do you teach your child to make decisions on their own?

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The childhood stage is considered one of the most happy, joyful, and discovery stages that a child experiences, in addition to learning and developing skills. As it is said, “Education in childhood is like engraving on a stone.” It makes him distinguished and confident in himself socially, emotionally and physically, and makes them move towards independence, and in the future they will be prominent and influential figures in society.lifeskillsgroup“.

Encouraging children

Giving him self-confidence

When encouraging your child to develop this skill, you should give him self-confidence and not blame him when he makes a mistake, and try to encourage him to develop on his own, in addition to discussing the type of decision that must be taken, its consequences, and the possibility of other decisions that can be chosen between them.

Involve them in daily decisions

It’s okay for you to share your decisions with the children and ask them for advice, and then go over with them the pros and cons of each suggestion so that your child can learn to think carefully about the different options and can then make an informed decision.

child behaviour
child behaviour

Give the children the opportunity to choose

Giving children the opportunity to make their own decisions helps build a sense of autonomy and empowers them to make choices with integrity. It is important that the decision is theirs. You need to provide them with a few different options that will all be acceptable to you, regardless of which option they choose.

Encourage them to set goals

The ability to set goals and achieve them is a life skill that when taught at a young age gives not only focus, but also self-awareness and confidence to move into adulthood. A goal can be something as simple as taking up a new sport or playing an instrument, It also allows children to shape their learning paths.

Child rearing
Child rearing


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