Heels and loose clothes are not allowed in the dust storm.. for your safety

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Within a few hours, the weather witnessed changes in temperature, rain, and dust-laden winds, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, during the following lines, the most important advice in the event of leaving your home, according to what the stylist Reem Yassin indicated.

Tips for protecting yourself from storms

Tips for when out in a dust storm:


In her interview with Youm7, the stylist said: “It is forbidden to wear heels, a dress, wide pants, or any short clothes, in order to avoid problems that cause you embarrassment. Make up.

What to do in a storm:

She continued: “It is preferable to wear trousers to prevent exposure to any situation, as trousers are the most appropriate clothing for storms And a blouse and light closed footwear. It is also preferable to go down with a mask, and be content with washing the face only without applying any makeup powders due to dust, so as not to cause any problems and irritation to the skin.

And she continued: “It is preferable that you wear a face mask to avoid the occurrence of health problems in the sinuses, as well as wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from reaching them and causing obstruction of vision, as well as an appropriate head cover to protect the hair from penetration of dust and rain into the scalp to prevent the formation of bacteria.” And the occurrence of hair entanglement, also applying sunscreen is very useful, as it acts as an insulator for any dust that reaches the surface of the skin.

Storms and rain
Storms and rain

Dust storms
Dust storms


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