Dutiful to parents, how much.. A Chinese woman quits her job to take care of her parents for $570 a month

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After 15 years working for a news agency, Nianan, 40, quit her job, as she had to be on call almost 24 hours a day and was always under tremendous pressure. Fortunately, her parents came up with a better job offer if she just left the job she had. It made her so miserable, they offered to give her up and take care of them, promising to pay her 4,000 yuan or $570 a month.

The lady benefited from reducing expenses

Obviously, this means that there will be no more housing costs, large amounts of food and various household items, as the parents will take care of these expenses, so Nianan quit her job and became a “full-time daughter”, according to odditycentral.

Chinese parents

The Chinese lady enjoys a job full of love

After a year after her parents worked, Nianan describes her profession as “full of love”, as she spends her days accompanying her mother and father when they go grocery shopping, cooking dinner with them every evening, driving them when they need to, and having an hour to dance with them every day.

Nyannan says she’s also responsible for managing electronics around the house, and planning one or two family trips each month. .

Fortunately, her parents have nothing against it, if that’s what she wants, as they told her if she finds a more suitable job, she can look for it, and if she doesn’t want to work, she should just stay home and spend time with them.

In turn, Nian’an told the “South China Morning Post” that her monthly salary is paid from her parents’ monthly pension of about 100,000 yuan ($15,000). This unusual arrangement sparked a heated debate online in China this week, with some people criticizing the woman. The 40-year-old, who lives at the expense of her parents, while others welcomed her decision.

While China’s infamous “996” culture – which operates from 9 am to 9 pm six days a week – has caused many to suffer burnout, severe depression and worse, it is responsible for the youth ‘lay down’ movement in which young people simply stop Totally work to lead a simpler and more relaxed life.


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