A woman leaves her home and lives in a car with her pets, desiring greater freedom

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A woman has revealed that she lives in her car with two of her pets – her cat Finley and her dog Snow, according to The Sun.

The lady explains that she already owns an apartment but does not use it because she wants the freedom to travel and does not want to waste money on rent, or expensive purchases.

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said the woman, known on social media as “Little Hippy Gal” She lives in her car Tesla She loves her unique lifestyle, and shared a video of her taking a ride inside her car.

the car from the inside

The lady and the dog
The lady and the dog

She said, “Hi guys, I’m Stephanie, and I live in my car with my pets, Snow and Finley, today I just cleaned the car and thought it would be a perfect time to take a spin before putting everything back in.”

She added: ‘Here’s a pile of my stuff that needs to get back in the car, and it’s mostly my bed sheets and pet beds, but also a bag of trash and Finley’s backpack. all of this”.

She then proceeded to show off her storage space, adding, “Since we’re in a Tesla, we really have two trunks, so here’s one — this one has a dryer, a lawn chair, and my solar system.


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