A 12-year-old boy graduates from university and seeks to obtain a pilot’s license within 4 years

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A 12-year-old California prodigy has become the youngest person to graduate from his college, with 5 degrees and plans to get a pilot’s license in the next 4 years. – To some extent – by Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theorywho graduated from college at the age of fourteen.

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His talents are behind his departure from traditional schools

His mother, Song Choi, said she pulled him out of his traditional public school after seeing his talents and ability for self-motivation. “Clovis is very curious, mature, diligent, self-disciplined, and motivated,” Choi said in a statement. “Traditional public schools could not satisfy his curiosity, and thus, The best option was college, according to the Daily Mail.

Fullerton programme

Hong attended Fullerton’s “Special Admissions” program, which allowed him to take college courses at the same time as his mother’s homeschooling.FullertonIt is part of the state’s public community college system and is located in Orange County, about 30 miles from Los Angeles.

The school’s teachers were concerned that Hong’s age difference and immaturity might cause problems, but biology professor Kenneth Collins said, “Hong was a great mix of kid and college student… He’s mature enough that other students take him seriously, but enough is enough.” For a child they take care of him like a younger brother.”


“When I had questions, I asked them, and if they had questions, they would ask me,” Hong said of his peers. They treated me like a little brother… I fell in love with college life.”

The 12-year-old walked through the May 20 commencement ceremony with 900 fellow Fullerton alumni, earning associate’s degrees in history, social sciences, social behavior and self-development, arts and human expression, science and math, according to KABC.

After Hong adjusted to college life, he took more lessons and was eventually accepted into the Honors Program, where he was able to “thriving.”

Hong has career goals of being a pilot, aeronautical engineer or pediatrician, as he is already trying to take the next step towards his first career. Civil Air Patrol He hopes to get a pilot’s license at the age of 16.”


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