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Anticipation for Erdogan’s new government.. What is going on behind the scenes of the cabinet formation?

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publish date 2023-06-01 08:19:57

Attention has turned to the new cabinet, after the re-election of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the scenes indicate that Mehmet Simsek will be among the expected line-up.

According to the constitution, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be sworn in before the Turkish Parliament, three days after the Supreme Elections Committee announced the final result, and this means that he may be sworn in on June 4.

According to Turkish media, the swearing-in ceremony for members of the new cabinet and vice presidents will be on June 5, and their names are expected to be revealed on June 4.

The former Ministerial Council is holding its last meeting today, Wednesday, in the capital, Ankara, headed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

New cabinet lineup

Turkish journalist Malak Yaghtali on the Turkish “CNN” channel revealed that the current ministers have become deputies, and none of them will be among the new ministerial staff, and only one or two may be within the new formation, which means a complete renewal.

He continued that the conversation is taking place that a settlement has been made with Muhammad Simsek, who previously held the positions of vice president and minister of finance, and may be vice president and the new minister of treasury and finance.

Handa Furat, a journalist close to the Turkish government, mentioned in the same interview that the meetings with Mehmet Simsek were very positive, but the matter is not limited to him only, and Erdogan is working to search for alternative names for him.

She indicated that the majority in parliament is very important to the president, and therefore personalities from parliament may not be named to ministerial positions, nor will any member of the president’s family be part of the ministerial staff (referring to the talk about Seljuk Bayraktar or Albayrak’s innocence).

And she added that Erdogan plans to appear before the public with a completely new government that is energetic and dynamic.

She pointed out that Turkey will go to local elections within 10 months, and personalities from parliament can be nominated in the local elections, noting that the talks are taking place regarding the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adel Kara Ismailoglu, and the Minister of Environment and Urban Development, Murad Corum.

And Turkish media reported that Erdogan held an important meeting yesterday, Tuesday, with Muhammad Simsek regarding the economic road map for the new government, noting that Simsek, who attended the Batman rally during Erdogan’s election campaign, may be the active figure in managing the economy.

A comprehensive review of the ministries’ structures… new ministries

Writer Dilek Gongor, in an article on Sabah newspaper, stated that according to the information she obtained, there will be a comprehensive review of the ministries’ structures.

The Turkish government consisted of the president, his deputy, and 17 ministers, and in the old system before the transition to the “presidential” the number of ministers was 26, but the ministries were merged into the presidential system.

She explained that there is talk about the separation of some ministries, and the formation of new ministries, and for example, the agenda is discussing the separation of ministries such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, and the Ministry of Environment and Urban Infrastructure.

On the agenda is the creation of two new ministries, namely “Disasters” and “Investment”.

Possible characters within the new squad

Journalist Abd al-Qadir Selvi, in an interview on the Turkish “CNN” channel, stated that Numan Kurtulmis may assume the presidency of the Turkish Parliament.

He pointed out that there is talk that the president will have two deputies, one of whom is Muhammad Simsek, pointing out that Lutfi Alwan may take over the position of the Ministry of Trade, and Cevdet Yilmaz as Minister of Finance and Treasury.

Sylvie did not rule out that Bakir Ozdag, Murad Corum, Suleiman Soylu and Hulusi Akar would remain in their positions, indicating that the Ministry of Energy is talking about appointing Mustafa Yilmaz or Alp Arslan Bayraktar as its minister.

Yeni Shag newspaper, which is close to the opposition Al-Jayyid Party, reported that, according to the scenes, Ibrahim Kalin will be foreign minister, while Health Minister Fahrettin Koca and former Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek will be vice presidents.

And she added that the former Speaker of Parliament, Mustafa Shantoub, will be Minister of Justice, Koksal Hamza Oglu will be Minister of Health, Melih Khan will be Minister of Energy, Cevdet Yilmaz will be Minister of Finance, and Hakan Fidan will be Minister of Interior.

She added that Rifaat Hisarcıklıoğlu will be Minister of Trade, President of the Grand Union Party Mustafa Desteci will be Minister of Culture, former presidential candidate Sinan Oğan will be Minister of Disasters and Migration, and Umit Dundar will be Minister of Defense.

Reuters news agency quoted four senior officials as saying that Erdogan decided to include Şimşik in his new government, whether as finance minister or vice president responsible for the economy.

The agency quoted officials as saying that Erdogan may announce his new cabinet formation on Saturday, and it is almost certain that it will include Ibrahim Kalin and Hakan Fidan.

The officials stated that Erdogan was considering appointing Şimşek as his deputy, but Şimşek prefers a role directly responsible for economic policy, and therefore he may take over the position of Minister of Treasury and Finance, which is now occupied by Nureddin Nabati.

An official said that Cevdet Yilmaz may assume the position of Minister of Treasury and Finance if Simsek becomes vice president, and that former Treasury Minister Lutfi Alwan may be among the new cabinet as Minister of Economy.

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